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» Memorizing Scripture
Itís important for all Christians to have the Word of God hidden in their hearts. However, just as with witnessing, we all know we should do it, but we often donít know how.
» Scripture to Memory Card
These scripture memory cards cover every memory verse in the 101 lessons of the School of Biblical Evangelism.
  » Recommendations
If you would like more information to help you better defend the Christian faith, understand other religions, and know your rights in the public square, consult any of the following resources.
» Books & Tracts
Get books and tracts that are suggested from SOBE
  » Free Speech Rights
We suggest that you carry a copy of this with you on the street in the event law enforcement personnel approach you. We have found that, normally, when city officials and police understand their obligation to protect the free speech rights of citizens, they usually allow you to continue without any interference.

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