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These scripture memory cards cover every memory verse in
the 101 lessons of the School of Biblical Evangelism.
The School wishes to thank Logan Howe for this idea, and his volunteer work on these cards.


  1. Download the file containing the Scripture Memory Cards by clicking here, and save it onto your computer.
  2. Use your unzip utility to decompress the file. (If you don't have one, you can download ZipReader for free.)
  3. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. (If you need a fresh copy, you can download Acrobat for free.)
  4. Print the file onto card stock. (You will need 27 sheets of card stock.) You must print it in landscape mode, and you may need to check the “scale to fit” box on your print options. The cards are designed as 3" x 5" cards… but since some printers have larger margins the "scale to fit" option may be forced to shrink your cards a little bit in order to get all four of them onto the page.
  5. Cut the cards apart, and memorize!

The cards at the end of the file can be used to sort the cards into groups for review on specific days of the week. You may also like to use a hole punch in the corner where the circle is marked so that you can put your cards onto metal organizing rings rather than just binding them with a rubber band.

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